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Paying off Debt

Today in America, many are those who struggle with personal debt. Outstanding student loans, mortgage, credit cards, and medical bills are causing much stress and hardship across the land. Yet paying off debt can be achieved today. It’s actually simpler than you might think. Before beginning, it takes the right mindset. You must truly believe that you can achieve. As they say – you have to be in it to win it. Statistics bare the true reality of personal debt in the U.S. today. Recent grads are exiting colleges and universities with over $10,000 in credit card debt – and far more in student loans. Many have over $200,000 in student loan debt. This can make it difficult to plan for life – buying a home, marriage, starting a family, etc.

Many today are seeking a plan for paying off credit card debt because they have reached the point of struggling to make the minimum monthly payments. This has been caused in part by the credit card companies blatantly raising minimum monthly payments in response to new consumer credit card protection laws that recently went into effect. Fortunately, consumers have advocates on their side such as credit counseling agencies, debt settlement and debt consolidation firms who work on their behalf negotiating with creditors to rework and modify debt and debt payments structuring. These types of agencies can be very useful for those who are struggling to make inroads in paying off debt on their own.

Yet paying off debt can begin for you right now, today.

Step one: Let's take a look at your debt that you have. What are they? And how much are they? Many people don't know these basics, how much they owe and to whom. Others are acutely aware of what is owed and to whom. Once you know this, you will have your starting point. Next, decide which accounts are a priority in to you and your life. Your priorities are certain to be different than another person's priorities. Then go for it.

Start paying those bills and start saving. Above all else – eliminate unneeded expenses. We're talking cappuccinos not groceries of course. We're talking that expensive European vacation and not a weekend movie screening. Yet in addition these solid steps to paying off debt, you can also seek out professional help that can work with your creditors. The key is to get started today. Don't wait until your creditors are calling every hour. Don’t wait until the stress from debt has consumed you. Don’t wait until all heck has broken loose. Just do it.

Paying off debt is a marathon, not a sprint. It's a journey that can have pitfalls along the way. Yet consider how good it will feel when you reach the point where you can say that you are debt free, that you are no longer a slave to debt and no longer a slave to “the man”. How sweet indeed that day will be. Strong, brave and wise are the conquerors of debt, the vanquishers of indebtedness itself. You can be one of them. Focus on the positive, not the negative. It matters not how you reached the pit of financial despair, it only matters that you can see clearly now that the rain is gone. It’s going to be a bright sunshiny day indeed when you reach the goal of succeeding at paying off debt!

If you or someone you know is struggling with paying off debt, we implore you - speak with a debt counselor today to learn how quickly you can be on the road to debt freedom. The goal is achievable. Get started today!