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Credit Card Debt Relief Obama

Since the economic calamity that began in 2008 many Americans have been hit in the wallet. Job losses have occurred by the millions. Home values have plummeted like no other time in our nation's history. Consumer spending has fallen. Bankruptcies have risen to new heights (both personal and business bankruptcies). Many place the blame squarely on the rather narrow shoulders of President Barack Obama. Others search out credit card debt relief Obama in hopes of finding a national or government program to help them lower their credit card debt to a more manageable monthly payment, or eliminate their credit card debt altogether.

Therefore, the question must be asked: Is credit card debt relief Obama a real program? Does something like this or similar to this actually exist? Or is credit card debt relief Obama some kind of urban legend or a program better left for conspiracy theorists to search and hunt for? Before we answer this question, let us first examine the state of our nation’s finances today, discuss what other debt management programs are available, and then dive into the heart of the matter, the real reason for this news story, the question we have all been longing to know, the thought that has consumed many a consumer at night in bed: does credit card debt relief Obama exist?

Late night comedians have done their best to make light of the situation (no relation to “the situation”). Yet being in debt is no laughing matter. Sure, it does help to maintain a positive mental attitude during all difficult circumstances in life, knowing that every dark cloud has a silver lining, and that even this too shall pass. Yet when it comes to personal debt, it takes a willingness to get down to brass tacks, a willingness to lift up one’s sleeves, fully assess the situation, and make a rock solid plan full of determination to get rid of debt and get out of debt once and for all, rather than a plan full of more holes that Swiss cheese. Yet many still blame our nation’s President for their woes. And perhaps in large measure the President should accept blame. If he were wiser, stronger, and showed more backbone when dealing with Wall Street, perhaps credit card debt relief Obama would be a non-issue.

Nevertheless, all one has to do is simply turn on their television sets, listen to NPR, or browse their favorite news site online to see, hear and watch the headlines each day which herald the prospect of a double dip recession, and perhaps even the dawn of a new national and perhaps global recession. What is government accountability in times such as these? Should credit card debt relief Obama really be necessary if it’s not already? If credit card debt relief Obama does exist – should it be abolished? Perhaps, perhaps we say. Yet the facts of the matter are that the bailout programs of today exist solely to help Wall Street and other rich folks. And, let me be clear about this – Barack Obama is no FDR, or even Jimmy Carter for that matter. Pshaw.

Indeed, has credit card debt relief Obama amounted to anything other than loose change and chicanery? What happened to all the campaign promises made during the 2008 presidential campaign? What about ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? We are still Iraq and Afghanistan the last time I checked. What about closing Guantanamo? That abhorrent prison is still operating on the island of Cuba the last time I checked. What indeed. Hmmmph. Politicians – they’ll promise you the world but always fail to deliver. Secretly, many of our politicians answer instead to power brokers and interests that finance their election and re-election campaigns. Do you really think that Wall Street cares about your financial problems? Do you really think that the credit card companies care that you lost your job and can no longer pay your bills? Do you really that credit card debt relief Obama is the answer?

National Debt Relief

Truthfully, when the economic meltdown and credit crunch began to unfold a few years ago, the government sprang into action to do a bailout all right – a bailout of big banks and big business that is. Heck, even the porn industry for crying out loud was making its way around in Washington seeking a handout. Can you believe it – the porn industry? And at one point a credit card debt relief Obama plan was on the table, but this was not for the benefit of U.S. taxpayers, no sir. In fact, the credit card debt relief Obama plan that was considered and punted around before finally being deep sixed was one that was intended to aid banks and credit card issuers that have suffered losses in their credit card businesses. Oh the humanity.

The sad fact of the matter is that credit card debt relief Obama is a pipe dream and nothing more than pie in the sky and mud in your eye. You heard it here first. Forget about it. Or rather, fuhgedaboutit. It simply does not exist. But let's not cry over spilt drinks now. The good news is that there are a PLETHORA of actual debt relief and debt management programs available today to the average American. These programs work in various ways, shapes and forms with the common goal of helping consumers to lower their debt in any number of ways. This could be achieved through debt negotiation, this could be achieved through debt settlement, this could be achieved through debt consolidation, this could be achieved through consumer credit counseling, this could be achieved through other such time-tested and proven programs. Just please don’t waste another minute of your time searching for something such as credit card debt relief Obama which simply does not exist, at least not as of this writing.