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American Jobs Act

The ‘American Jobs Act’ was recently put forth by President Barack Obama. In it, the president outlined steps to which he indicated would eventually lead to the creation of over 1 million new jobs for Americans. But is this really possible? Can this plan really succeed, or is it doomed from the start? Today we examine the program, its key points, plans and provision in an effort to pass our judgment on whether the American Jobs Act can be beneficial for U.S. taxpayers or if it rather is nothing more than a pipe dream and a political ploy in the run-up to an election year in Washington.

It’s important to note the timing of the announcement of the American Jobs Act. It came during a period when the president was and still is facing dismal approval ratings. This comes against the backdrop of negative criticisms from the Republican Party as Mr. Obama puts in motion his re-election campaign. Yet whether it was genuine or whether it was election and political rhetoric the president threw the gauntlet down so to speak and challenged both houses and both parties of Congress to put the needs and interests of the American people ahead of political maneuvering and posturing by passing the American Jobs Act which he proposed.

In the speech before both houses of Congress, the president stated “Tonight we meet at an urgent time for our country. We continue to face an economic crisis that has left millions of our neighbors jobless, and a political crisis that has made things worse.” Mr. Obama urged the legislators gathered before him in effect to end the circus of politics and in fact (for once) actually take action to stop the economic bleeding which our nation now suffers. The president recommended swift passage of the American Jobs Act which carries with it the price tag of $447 billion. Signing this bill into law would be another feather in the White Sox cap of the president no doubt.

Government Debt Relief

Certainly the American Jobs Act has its merits on paper. The creation of new employment opportunities for the men and women who make up the very fabric of our society is a great thing were it to actually be feasible and reasonable. The members of Congress and distinguished guests applauded vigorously when the president orated that the people of America are hardworking citizens who strive to meet their responsibilities and obligations, and that one of the fundamental questions being posed that night was whether the Senate, House of Representative and the President himself were up to the task of meeting their respective obligations in relation to the creation of U.S. jobs. Indeed, the American Jobs Act brings with it much responsibility which falls on the shoulders of our elected officials.

Republicans, Democrats, Tea Partiers, even the Modern Whig Party (there is in fact such an organization) agree that the pain of unemployment and underemployment being felt by Americans from coast to coast must be addressed and it must be addressed now. But as with all things in Washington, the question is what political favors and pork if you will must be allowed to let slide in return for passage of a program that promises to raise the U.S. economy to levels of prosperity not seen in several years. Economic security is something that most families and individuals took for granted prior to the ongoing economic recession and stagnation we now find ourselves in. Today however most Americans long for a return to the days of certain paychecks, rock solid retirement income, and for pensions and homes which do not lose their values with the whims of the market. But will the American Jobs Act address all of these concerns?

We asked this question of retired professor John Singleton of the University of Lakewood. “Without question politics is and always will be par for the course in Washington. Yet based on the merits of its proposals, there truly is nothing on the surface that should be viewed or regarded as controversial in this bill. The president makes a compelling argument that everything that is included in the American Jobs Act has been supported at one time or another separately in pieces by Republicans and Democrats alike.” The only question Professor Singleton sees in his opinion is whether or not funding for all portions of the American Jobs Act can be appropriated.

Government Debt Relief Programs

Though the president asserts and assures that every facet of the American Jobs Act can and will be paid for, it remains to be seen just how willing Congress may be to further raise the U.S. budget deficit which is at already an alarming and unparalleled level in order to ease the suffering of the very people whom they are sworn to represent. To help the administration pay for the programs and services outlined in the plan Mr. Obama stated he will request members of the House and Senate to raise the $1.5 trillion deficit reduction target which is being sought out by Congress already. Those members of Congress who are facing re-election are all but certain to gladly vote in favor of the American Jobs Act. “Funny how politics is often a matter of timing.” – John De La Mora

The president also states that he would soon be announcing plans to reform our golden entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and even the food stamps program. Yet in doing so Mr. Obama may be tremendously harming his changes for re-election in 2012 as chants of “regime change” boom louder and louder by those whose benefits were torched or axed altogether under the current administration. In his defense, the president’s deficit reduction plans also include measures to eliminate tax loopholes which many jump and Matrix through, as well as plans to raise taxes on the most wealthy of Americans. It’s remarkable at the scope of fringe elements which must be addressed in order to make the prospect of the American Jobs Act become a reality.

Yet the American Jobs Act is an initiative whose time has come. No disrespect to any third world or even second world countries – but America and Americans deserve better than the economic conditions they now find themselves in. Policeman to the world, bearer of the torch of liberty and freedom for all mankind, breadbasket to the world, the list goes on and as to things which Americans give so freely for the greater good of our fellow human beings on planet earth. It is our hope that the American Jobs Act will be passed and put into effect on a fast track basis.